Are you Ready to Be Confident in your smile?

Adults Are Switching Out Their Dentures For Permanent False Teeth

Gum disease is the leading culprit behind adult tooth loss; however, there are plenty of other ways to lose teeth as you get older. Removable dentures have been long associated with old age, but have also been used to remedy tooth loss problems in adults as well. While most people lose their first permanent tooth by the age of 30, more than 30% of people age 65 and older have no permanent teeth remaining in their jaw. Conventional dentures may make it easier to smile in public, but they sacrifice comfort and functionality in order to look like a full set of teeth. Some people experience difficulty speaking and eating with dentures, while others feel self-conscious about removing them in public. Wearing removable dentures can also help to accelerate bone loss, as it transfers the biting force to the surface of the bone rather than the bone structure, which can cause the dentures to press down on the gum tissue and surrounding oral membrane. Permanent false teeth have become a popular long-term solution for adults looking to combat tooth loss and old age. Even if a person is missing all of their teeth, a full set of replacement teeth can be supported by as little as four dental implants. Your permanent false teeth will look better, be more comfortable, while improving your ability to chew and speak as you normally would. 




A set of replacement teeth look and feel like real teeth. Some patients will be eligible to walk out of their dentist office with a brand new smile in one day. Qualified patients will receive as few as four dental implants to support a full set of brand new teeth, which can help people save both time and money.




Your brand new teeth are not removable. The dental implants are made of titanium, which has the unique ability to fuse to the jawbone, providing additional support and stability, allowing it to maintain its dimension and density. Patients will be able to have confidence in their new set of teeth and feel as though it is an integrated part of their bodies.


Bite Quality


Patients who receive permanent replacement teeth will immediately notice an improved ability to chew. Not only will people with permanent replacement teeth be able to feel comfortable eating, they will also have confidence in their teeth while biting or chewing, erasing the need to eliminate your favourite foods from your daily diet.




For people with removable dentures, it can be difficult to speak with confidence in public. Some people may notice that the sound of their voice changes or that their dentures click when they talk. These sorts of problems become non-existent with permanent false teeth. Since the new teeth will be permanently attached to the dental implants, patients can achieve the same ease in the delivery and sound of their voice as they would have come to expect with natural teeth.

An adult mouth contains 32 teeth. That number falls to 28 if you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed. Losing teeth as an adult can make it difficult to eat, speak, and smile with confidence, which can affect a person’s overall self-esteem. Permanent false teeth can replace the aesthetic, bite quality, and speaking ability that people have come to expect from a full set of natural teeth without compromising a person’s long-term comfort, functionality, or heath.